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How to use acrylic sheet in reflecting light?

Issuing time:2019-08-24 09:50

Light Guide Panel is made of acrylic sheet; the sheet has highly reflective resin that is transparent. The product is used to illuminate a lighting panel, and it may last for years as the material can survive in the harsh weather. In order to make the lighting more effective the panel has dots helps to reflect the out with its full brightness. In order to create the panel V-cutting technology is used. To even the brightness spacing is done carefully so that you can optimize the intensity of the light. People use this panel to give a sleek look to the interior of the room.


Nowadays, advertisement went to a new level in attracting the attention of the people. The Advertising Acrylic is used to create sign board of a company so that it can easily catch your attention. The acrylic advertising board is lightweight, and comes in different colors, in most cases vivid color is used to make the entire board attractive. If you are looking for this prop for promoting your company then Fabulous is the one-stop solution for you. They provide eco-friendly product at an affordable price range. The company is reliable and the products they offer are long lasting.

TEL: +86-20-31213437
Email: kc@olsoon.com